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    One’s attire is what creates a lasting first impression but with the rapid technological advancements and the shift into the virtual world, the attire can have a loose definition. Now the standards are measured solely on the quality of the website you visit, if it is superior in craftsmanship you stay longer than just a minute on the contrary if it resembles those drab and dull pages of those horrid school textbooks, you leave in merely a second. This is where web design comes into play, it refers to the design or layout of web pages that you visit on the internet. Appearance is the sole parameter that comes into effect while determining the worth of a web design. The primary objective while designing a web page is to elevate user experience and for that, the website should be aesthetically pleasing. The key to ensuring this is understanding and designing it based on your target audience, you wouldn’t use dull and boring layouts for an amusement park website as the key demographic is of a younger age. Web development to is on the same path as web design however it involves more of a technical aspect with regard to building and maintaining a website through various coding languages

    The aim of web development, as well as web designing, is to ensure the users enjoy a hassle-free experience on the website. Sinofled is a leading startup web design and development agency, with our headquarters located in Kolkata, we provide the most cost-effective and quality-filled works for our clients who belong to various diverse disciplines. It is our sacred duty to supply our clients with their required needs hence we consist of a team of highly skilled developers who hold a distinct passion within themselves in architecture and engineering websites. The enthralling journey that takes place from when the client describes their requirements right up until the result is delivered is enthusiasm-filled. Our primary objective is to satisfy our client’s requirements and we strive through any challenges faced by us and ensure the desired output reaches the hands of our client well before the deadline expires, giving them room to make additions or deletions if necessary.

    Armed with a team of proficient web developers and web designers enthusiastic to work on the project, our motive is to produce websites that are well-suited to display the output on any and all devices. A seamless browsing experience is what we want to establish through the course of our designs. Our team ensures that the website so designed is responsive and fast constructed through exemplary coding. We believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes hand-in-hand with web development as without a standard number of searches it is nearly impossible for the developed website to reach the public. Thus we also ensure the usability and relevance of the website to remain high on the google rankings. A well-constructed website can certainly put your business on the chart with minimal effort since we are here to assist you with the same. We use various popular coding languages such as Python, HTML, Hava, CSS, etc which not only enhances the performance of the website but also adds to the appeal of the same. The use of these languages has recorded a proven increase in the count of the visits that is the web- traffic of the said website is bound to increase and lead to multiple customer databases and also helps in business promotion.

    Along with web development, the web design service we provide is wise to invest in as it creates a necessary exemplary first impression on the users and builds trust among the audience. It also helps in maintaining the increasing leads of the search engine results industry.


    If you are still hesitant to invest in the web design service offered by us, let us help you understand the reasons why it is beneficial to your ever-growing business.

    Benefits of Web Design

    Stunning first impression

    You wouldn’t enter your office premises on the first day in a crumpled shirt, would you? Similarly having a dull and basic website is not very far from a crumpled shirt. When prospective client visits your website, they judge your business within merely a few minutes and within those few minutes, it is important to create a positive impact on the audience. If the website is unappealing to them, they will immediately leave the page and move on to something more pleasing to the eyes.

    Customer Service impression

    When you visit a highly influential and wealthy individual’s home they will treat you on par with them. Your website says a lot about your customer service provision. If the website design is lousy and lacks effort, it is natural for the client to assume your efforts in case of any help required by them. It is thus very important to maintain a well-functioning website that has aesthetically pleasing layouts and colors. The prospective client must feel welcomed on entering the site rather than shooed away. In a media-oriented manner, we can associate your website as the face of your business. You would rather have a well-renowned personality to represent your company similarly your website must also be on the same level in terms of quality.

    Consistency is the key

    It is common for many to hear if you are consistent with your efforts it is bound to fruit your success. Similarly, in the case of a website, it is important to build your brand especially when it is a growing business. You should first ensure that your target audience is familiar with your brand and they must have something unique that associates your brand with them. A professionally designed website assists a business to do the same hence it is important to maintain a consistent layout and design. A different or varying design on every page of your website tends to disassociate the audience and causes them to get confused. Having different designs on every page also makes it an arduous process to build brand recognition which plays an important role in the growth of a business.

    Assists Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Your SEO game may go for a toss if the web designing of your website is not top-notch. Search engine leads are highly dependent on the multiple web-design elements that are commonly used. If your SEO strategy is messed around with, the entirety of the business growth may be affected and that is not desired by anyone. Thus it is better to invest in a skilled web design agency that ensures the effective functioning of the website in the long run as well as your business

    Foundation of trust

    We have seen multiple sketchy websites online because of which we had to remove that gorgeous dress from the cart. This is solely due to the lack of trust we have in the design of the website. The website might be a legitimate one but due to the unprofessional and tacky manner of presenting it through their web design, multiple prospective customers may have been lost. If the information on the website, design elements, color palettes, etc seems outdated it is quite natural for the individual to doubt the legality and legitimacy of the website. It is important to enrapture and maintain the attention of the user because the longer they remain on your website it indicates prospective future opportunities.


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